A Tribute To You

A year ago today, I lost my best friend. He is the definition of a beautiful soul taken too soon! He and I had a weird relationship. No reason to get deeper than that, but know we had a bond like no other. There was a magnetic force always bringing us back to each other, no matter how many times we’d argue and fight. The friendship was deep. Of course having ups and downs. It was intimate without being intimate!

Nasim Isaiah Byrd, not a day goes by where I don’t think of you. There’s so much confusion fostered around your death! Pain. Hurt. Anger. Loneliness. But I’ve come to terms with it. There’s nothing I can do. I know you’re at peace, by far better off than we are. Though that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you. You are forever and always my best friend. I cannot wait until we meet again. Continue to fly in peace my love ❣️


Have You Ever?

This next sentence, well, and post for that matter might come off a bit hypocritical. Especially after reading about my high spirits last week…

Have you ever looked back in your life and realized how much you fucked up? Excuse the language, as this is me in my truest form. Yet looking back, over the course of my 22-year lifespan, I’ve managed to damage many great aspects of my being. This includes friendships, relationships and most importantly, my mental health. In the process, I’ve brought pain to myself and to the people around me. I was left feeling hopeless and lost. Shit, sometimes, I still feel hopeless and lost – even in the year 2018!

One of the main reasons I started blogging again was because I missed my outlet. I yearned for the empowerment of using my voice to write on difficult topics while voicing my opinion. As the new year begun, I knew I needed my place to vent again. All the bullshit I’ve put myself through, I wanted to share. Or maybe it was life’s bullshit. Or what if it was both!? Either way, I almost felt a sense of duty, like someone called on me to share my challenges.

I know firsthand, at times life can drag you all about, leaving you to forget what matters the most. We forget our morals. We forget to empathize. We forget to forgive others… In my case, it took many years to realize all the self-destructive damage I’ve caused. In fact, I didn’t come to true terms of my wrongs until right before the start of the New Year.

It took humility and acceptance. Forgiving yourself is always the second step!

After taking my first few steps into realizing and acknowledging the destructive path I was on, I knew it was time to change. We all know change can be hard. Especially for someone who’s turned her fucked-upness into habits. Now, I’m at the stage of breaking those habits. Learning how to shape my thinking differently. It’s all new to me, but it’s a battle I hope to win. Actually, I know it’s a battle I WILL WIN by the grace of God.

It pains me to write about this self-realization, but I understand it’s for the better. Is anything I’ve written today relatable to you? If so, how did you move forward? Someone else’s perspective would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!





The Days After

Good Morning ladies & gents! I really wanted to get this posted today so enjoy 🙂

It’s official

day 3

It’s a brand new year for a brand new start. For many people like myself, the few days after the New Year brings about the reality of new beginnings. But for others, there might be some of the self-doubts when it comes to what 2018 will really bring. Are you one of the people who’ve been thinking:

  1. Am I capable of meeting my New Years Resolution(s)?
  2. Are my goals for this year out of reach?
  3. Can I really change my bad habits?

The list can go on and on for days, literally

If you know you’ve thought like this, three days into the new year, do me a favor and STOP RIGHT NOW! There’s no reason to start the new year thinking negatively. I’m sure you don’t even know why you think like that. But more than likely, it’s because you’re conditioned into thinking like that. Similar to someone else I know… *points at myself*

Like I mentioned in my post two days ago, taking care of your mental health is so important. We all need to learn to create positive thoughts for ourselves. That also includes who we surround ourselves with. Having positive thoughts create a positive mindset which will then create a life 🙂

Stay positive and get rid of those negative thoughts. 



Cheers to 2K18 !

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you guys had a safe and enjoyable night as most of you probably went out to celebrate. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, I wish I could’ve done the same. Instead, I stayed in and attempted to get my life together, as usual…

At this point, most people think New Year’s resolutions are so cliche, right? Just do better they say! But for others, the ideology of a fresh start is quite refreshing. It brings hope that turning a new leaf will bring new beginnings. Like myself, I have growing faith a New Year’s resolution can be impactful for those who want to develop some sort of maturity. I told myself not to have my debut post (again) be about New Years, but I just couldn’t resist. I felt this post to be very important.

One of the most important lessons 2017 taught me is how mental health is so important. Your thoughts ironically run your life and can eventually become your actions. I created this post to remind everyone who sees it to “Take Care of Thier Mind All 2018.” As we become older, many of us may encounter difficult situations that in turn affect our thinking patterns. Instead of tearing yourself down with negative thoughts, we need to continue to build ourselves up with positive ones. There are a few rules to remember in this process:

  • 1) Never talk down to yourself – All that does is create negative energy & thoughts.
  • 2) Write out your feelings – When you aren’t happy about your day or something that happened, journal it out. You’ll be able to look back & see all the progress you’ve made.
  • 3) List out affirmations – This helps to build positive self-esteem. By seeing them every day around your house/room, how can you forget it? Just tack up a bunch of post-it notes around your room.

I know for some, this may seem easier said than done. Even while I type this, there’s depths of sadness and negative thoughts that run through my head. But I continue to remind myself these negative thoughts do not help anyone but the devil. DO NOT LET HIM WIN. Live the best life you can with the most positive thoughts. Your mental health is so important. Make sure to take care of your mind in 2018. After all, they run your life.

Wishing you all much success in 2k18,



Under Construction


I cannot believe it’s been two years since I’ve created this blog…

When I first designed “TheWorldAroundHer,” the goal was to create a platform where I could share news of importance to me, happening around the globe. This included politics, racism and anything else I could think of catching my attention. Eventually I drifted into a 30 Day Blog challenge which I did complete 🙂 Yay!!! However, I still felt a huge inconsistency and disconnect with my posts.

Sure, I had a few 50 followers. Yeah, I’d get comments here and there. But was my audience really in tuned with what I was writing? Did they connect with the information I shared? The answer was simply NO. My blog wasn’t accomplishing it’s intended goal. Realizing that, I stopped blogging for a couple of months to rehash and get my life together. I needed to find the perfect angel to approach.

College definitely made things even more crazy! Looking for jobs while, getting ready for graduation was the most insane few months I ever experienced. Things were, shall we say insanely hectic. Thankful, I got through those months and landed a career at a cable network in Manhattan: ION Media Networks. Yay!!! 🙂 And of course I did graduate college. Another yayy!!

So now that college is behind me, I have more free time to do the things that truly make me happy. Writing is a HUGE part of that. So the other day, I logged back in and decided to give blogging one more try.

With that said, it’s clear I need to redo this blog. She (yes my blog is a “she”) is well overdue for a touch up, name change and so much more. So sit back and enjoy the reinvention period. You will witness a huge transformation!